SAVE THE LAKE - MS4, Water Quality Management Plan & Stormwater Pollution Prevention

The Minnetonka Beach City Council has adopted a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program as required by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and EPA.  Click on the link to see the plan.  The plan requires the City hold an annual meeting to solicit input on the plan.  The annual meeting is held every June at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

Residents wishing to comment on the plan may do so by attending the annual meeting or commenting anytime by emailing City Hall at  

See Code of Ordinances for City ordinances related to and required by the Water Quality Management Program.


MS4 Permit

In compliance with the provisions of the federal Clean Water Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapters 115 and 116, and Minnesota Rules Chapter 701 and 7090, the City of Minnetonka Beach is required to maintain a general permit to discharge stormwater associated with Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (small MS4) under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System/State Disposal System (NPDES/SDS).

Click on the link to view a copy of the current MS4 general permit

Last updated 4/28/2023 10:06:16 AM