City Officials, Commissions and Committees

Mayor, City Council and Current Council Vacancy Information

The Mayor is elected to a 2 year term.  City Council members are elected to 4 year terms.  The Treasurer is elected to a 2 year term.  The Council meets the second Monday of the month at 6:00 PM at City Hall.

Mayor Joe Pagano:


Council Members:

Tracey Breazeale

Chris Dovolis     

Jennifer Halverson

Jason Mohr         

Chris Zinn, Treasurer


Appointed Board Members:

Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission -Chris Dovolis 

Lake Minnetonka Conservation District  - Dennis Klohs



Civic Committee

Civic Committee works to promote communication and build community among all the residents of Minnetonka Beach.

2022 - 2023 Members:

President:  Heidi Whitaker

Vice-President: - Liz Grabek

Secretary: Kate Emmel

Treasurer: Jennifer Johnson

Newcomers/Parks Liaison : Patty Rezabek

Merchandise: Kirsten Haag, Sheri Pottebaum

Council Liaison: Tracey Breazeale (non-voting member)


Kristin Ainsworth

Joann Anderson

Amber Arnold

Ellie Bjorkland

Chrissie Boyd

Tracey Breazeale

Marisa Chapman

Karin Dalsin

Heather Ellis

Kate Emmel

Jenny Fredriksson

Thressa Fritz

Robin Gibson

Ann Gmach

Liz Grabek

Kirsten Haag

Jennifer Halverson

Emily Harder

Sarah Jackson

Marnie Johnson

Amber Knettel

Julie Lang

Kristi Laufenberg

Angelina Lawton

Deb Lewis

Jaci Lindstrom

Lauren Livingston

Nell Mathews

Jillian Moriarty

Amy Murphy

Jodi Naylor

Tiffany Panait

Kim Petersen

Carrie Pinto

Sheri Pottebaum

Laura Raisbeck

Patty Rezabek

Geri Scherer

Jodi Schwendimann

Ashley Stoker

Bridget Wortman

Robin Zinn



Dock Committee

The Dock Committee's purpose is to review and recommend changes to city ordinances pertaining to city access docks and dock permit procedures.


Jeff Steinke, Chair

Jim Knudsen, Vice Chair

Jack Foss

Dan Van Handel

Todd Pottebaum

Lucian Panait

Chip Zawislak

Staff: Jane Burgess, City Clerk

Council Liaison: Tracey Breazeale

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides recommendations to the City Council on financial and investment matters to include establishing a long-range financial strategy for capital and other improvements.


Chris Zinn, Chair

Erik Bender

Brian Call

Liz Nordlie

Jaime Gmach

John Woerner

Council Liaison - Chris Zinn

Staff:  Heidi Honey, City Administrator

Park Commission

The Park Commission is appointed by the Minnetonka Beach City Council as an advisory body. The Park Commission consists of seven (7) voting members. The Council shall select one (1) member of the Park Commission from its own membership to act as Liaison. The other seven (7) members shall be appointed to three year staggered terms, with two expiring each year.  Park Commission meets most months at 5:30 PM at City HallSee City Calendar for dates.

Chair: Kim Petersen
Vice Chair: Laura Paine


Dave Christiansen

Curt Holt

Lucian Panait

Patty Rezabek


Council Liaison: Tracey Breazeale

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is appointed by the City Council as an advisory body.  The Commission consists of seven voting members and including an appointed Council Liaison.  Planning Commission meets the fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at City Hall.

2023 Members:

Chair: Jeff Breazeale
Vice Chair: 


Joann Anderson

Dave Blodgett

Colleen Finnegan

Joe Steinfeld

Susan Swanson

Bridget Wortman

Council Liaison:  Jennifer Halverson


Utilities Committee

This committee provides technical support to the City by reviewing and evaluating plans and projects related to City infrastructure.


Staff: Heidi Honey City Administrator, Jason Hilgers Public Works Director


Alan Carlson, Chair

Nate Arnold
Kevin Dunphy

3 open seats as of 8/23/2023

Council Liaison:  Chris Dovolis