Building Permits



Each application for a building permit shall be accompanied by the data indicated below.  Failure to submit complete information will result in return of applications.  Please read carefully the listed requirements.


1.                  ALL APPLICATIONS REQUIRE:


A.                 Application form, including all information required in the spaces provided, are to be completed, dated and signed by applicant.


B.                 Two (2) copies of building plans plus an electronic copy, drawn to scale, together with specifications containing the minimum information noted below.   Upon approval, one set will be on file with the City of Minnetonka Beach.  One set will be returned to the applicant to be kept on the job site during construction, available for review at all times. The electronic copy is for preliminary review by the Planning and Zoning Official and City Engineer.  Any construction is to be per approved plans.


C.                 The City will issue no demolition permit until new home plans are approved.


D.                 For any home construction projects, a pre-construction meeting will be required with the City Planning and Zoning Administrator, builder, building inspector and architect, if necessary.


E.                  Plan reviews not requiring a variance will require a minimum of 7 to 10 working days after submittal.


Metro West provides building official and inspections. Call 763-479-1720 to schedule inspections.

Permits can be applied for and paid for online. Click to pay online for your permit: Online permit payment . Payments can also be made by phone: 1-866-917-7368.

NOTE: Online bills are a free service. Payment convenience fees apply. $1.50 for online checks and savings payments, $2.45 for automated phone checks and savings payments; $3.75 for live representative checks and savings payments; 2.95% (+$0.95 if under $100.00) for online/automated phone credit and debit card payments. An additional $2.25 applies to credit/debit card payments made by live representative phone calls.