Pay Bills/Fees Online

Bills can be paid online for utilities, permits, licenses, City docks, and City invoices. When paying online, you will need to use the correct link. For example, you cannot pay for a City dock permit with your utility billing account.  NOTE: Payment convenience fees apply. $1.50 for online checks and savings payments, $2.45 for automated phone checks and savings payments; $3.75 for live representative checks and savings payments; 2.95% (+$0.95 if under $100.00) for online/automated phone credit and debit card payments. An additional $2.25 applies to credit/debit card payments made by live representative phone calls.  To make a payment, click on the appropriate link below.

Animal and Tree Contractor License

Permits (building related, City docks)

Utility Bill Payments (you will need to set up an account using your account number)

City Invoices to Residents